Use this project to make a game where the player can assemble all kind of things. The base concept is fairly simple, you can place meshes to certain spots, but there are several extra functions and options.

You can setup holograms for the slots.

You can add required slots to build step by step.

You can add events to make finishing parts a bit more flashy.

To help the player in building, they can force grab the items, you can also add a simple spawner if you have a part that the player needs way too many times.

You can also add a few special slots.

Push slot: the player needs to push the part in place.

Screw slot: the player needs to use the screwdriver to screw it in place.

Showcase video:

Showcase demo:

Disassembling video:

Small showcase video by a kind fella who bought my pack:

Technical Details


Base slots

Holo slots

Push slots

Screw slots

Force grab

Spawner (with button)


“Atom” part

Input forwarding

Disassembling update (2.0)

Set up initial parts into slots

Set up blockers to prevent interaction with slots

Set up reverse required slots

Added unscrewing (change direction with the other button)

Number of Blueprints: ~16

Input: VR (Oculus)

Network Replicated: No

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