Beautifully crafted weapons + everything you need to fire bullets, swap parts, change skins, eject shells, and use them out of the box 📦

Recent Updates:

[ 1.4.2 ] +RK53 Rocket Launcher.

[ 1.4.1 ] +D22 Revolver +BP methods +Replication improvements.

[ 1.4.0 ] +L11 Sniper Rifle +BP ammo count and reload +New scope +New bipod +New pointer.



12 iconic weapons, 17 modular attachments, and 14 bullet / shells.

Designed to look great in 1st-person, 3rd-person, and Virtual Reality.

Weapons are skeletal w/ animations and physics setups.

Basic muzzle-flash fx, sound fx, and impact decals included.


Change attachments, skins, and more at runtime w/ replication.

Methods for VR / XR hand tracking to manipulate weapon parts.

Pickup and Drop; supports Halo, COD and Unreal Tournament style drops.

Spawn projectiles for the axe, bow and knife + projectiles have impact forces.

Blueprint Util Library includes hitscan methods.


White Shell: Mannequin look, great for prototypes.

Assassin : Dark carbon fiber and leather.

Vibrant: Color changeable modern and energetic.

Military: Color changeable camo skin for COD look.


Easy setup with Weapon FOV for AAA quality 1st person views.


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Technical Details

Animation: 101 clips | Fire( single, auto, to dry ), Reload, Chamber-Round and more.

Average Triangle Counts: Weapon Bodies [ 25k ], Attachments [ 4.5k ], Magazines [ 1k ], Bullets [ 750 ]

Meshes: Static [ 37 ], Skeletal [ 17 ]

Network Replicated: Yes

Platforms: Windows, Mac

Rigged: Yes

Sounds: 18

Textures: 248 | 512 – 2K

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